Emilia Romagna Castles

Palazzo dei Commissari e del Pretorio - Terra del Sole

Terra del Sole is the Renaissance Fortress City in the hinterland of Forlì, known as Eliopoli, where you can freely visit the city, discover the Church of Santa Reparata, the courtyard of the Palazzo Pretorio, and by appointment enter the Museum, the Governor's Castle, and the Casematte.
Construction began on 8 December 1564, based on Cosimo I De Medici's profound military and engineering knowledge - accumulated over decades of experience as a prince, commander and soldier of fortune - with the aim of displaying the power and splendour of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in the land of Romagna.

The town of Terra del Sole is surrounded by high walls measuring 13 meters in height, rectangular walls with a patrol walkway, 2 kilometres long, while a longitudinal axis joins the two gates of the town, which is also equipped with four high defensive bastions, each placed on a corner of the rectangle.
Built to guard the border with the Papal State, it still preserves the charm of a fortress-city: it is surmounted by two castles, that of the Capitano delle Artiglierie (Captain of the Artillery) defending the Florentine village and that of the Governatore (Governor) defending the Roman village.
 Worth seeing on the first Sunday in September is the 'Palio di Santa Reparata' with over 300 participants from the historical districts in 16th century costumes. 

Palazzo dei Commissari e del Pretorio - Terra del Sole - Palazzo Pretorio e panorama photo credits: |Battistini| - Pro loco


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