Emilia Romagna Castles

Castello di Felino

Nestled in a deciduous forest in the hills between the Parma and Baganza streams, the Castello di Felino is a manor surrounded by a wide and deep moat, defended by imposing bastions.

You will enter an elegant and charming atmosphere: from the internal rooms to the enchanting outdoor spaces in which it is possible to live in summer, illuminated by the vibrant light of the torches and the romantic light of the moon.

The court of honor is accessed through a bridge that opens onto a wide moat. The bridge, now fixed but up to the nineteenth century drawbridge, was the last defense of the Castle towards the invader. The dark bronze door, once opened, reveals a clear and luminous courtyard overlooked by porticos and balconies that, over time, have replaced the ancient entrances to the walkways.

The high walls, the defensive towers and the mighty keep, are surrounded by a lawn that, due to its position and shape, resembles a terrace overlooking the hills and the plain at the foot of the Castle.

Today, after over twenty years of careful restoration, it can be admired in all its splendor. Its night lighting is so suggestive and powerful that it is visible from miles away.

Castello di Felino - Entrance photo credits: |Piu Hotels| - Piu Hotels