Emilia Romagna Castles

Malatesta Castle in Santarcangelo

Santarcangelo Castle has an eclectic soul: It is able to satisfy the different needs of tourists, whether it is a question of organizing a business meeting, a conference or a cultural event, or it has been chosen as a holiday destination or a wedding night.

The Malatesta Rocca meets visitors and guests by welcoming them in its different rooms: the Conference Room, the Malatesta Room, the Choir Room, the Summer Room, the Landscape Tower and the Sunset Tower.

Santarcangelo Castle is open to the public and it is possible to visit it also in the company of a guide who will be able to give detailed historical explanations of this monument which is at the center of the history of the Romagna region, revealing both its small and big secrets.

Doors open to the Wonders.

Malatesta Castle in Santarcangelo -  photo credits: |Urcatv / Cometa Film| - Urcatv / Cometa Film