Emilia Romagna Castles

Rocca Fregoso

A spectacular stronghold, located on the Sasso del Lupo or Pietra Anellaria, the Rocca di Fregoso is the monument that distinguishes Sant'Agata Feltria in Romagna: from the top of a natural cliff in the north-western part of the town, it dominates the Savio river valley below. It is famous for being considered the Rocca delle Fiabe (Fairy Tale Fortress): a picturesque road that is not for vehicle access, after passing the wall of houses, leads to a small green space in front of the castle which rises up out of the diachronic unification of five buildings around a small internal courtyard, clearly detectable by the variations in construction techniques and by the different materials used over the centuries for expansions and adaptations.

The cliff walls - gray marly sandstone - are overhanging for three quarters of the perimeter and the maximum difference in height from the top to the foot of the building is 30 meters. 

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The walls of the Fortress are made with blocks of various origins and kinds, especially sandstone, and were installed on mainly parallel planes. They are of variable thicknesses, ranging from a minimum of 0.50 meters to a maximum of 3 meters, thus suggesting the use of several construction techniques.

The Fortress is crowned by a series of brick corbels above which there is a work of masonry with a thickness varying from 0.50 to 0.70 meters, in quarry and river stones.

The building is made up of five levels: the basement, the mezzanine, the first floor, the second floor or floor of the corbels and the attic.

The basement floor consists of two cisterns and four rooms. All the rooms are partially plastered and have no flooring, covered by barrel vaults made of both stone and brick.


Rocca Fregoso - panorama view photo credits: |roberto sibilia| - proloco