Emilia Romagna Castles

Castello di Varano De' Melegari

The Castle Pallavicino of Varano De' Melegari stands on a sandstone rock, in a strategic position for the control of the Ceno valley (on the Parma Apennines, in Emilia) and represents an extraordinary example of medieval defensive architecture: a fortress designed and built to be impregnable.

The stronghold, belonging to the Castelli del Ducato circuit, can be visited through guided tours, led by guides in medieval style clothes; in addition to the garden and the courtyard, you can visit the ancient keep, at the base of which is the infamous Bentivoglio Prison, the fifteenth-century wing with the Sala delle Armi, the patrol walkways, the panoramic terrace, the kitchens, the elegant eighteenth-century staircase, the study and the magnificent frescoed Hall of Honor. On special occasions, such as visits at night, the basement of the fortress is also open to the public.

Castello di Varano De' Melegari - AFFRESCO SALONE D'ONORE photo credits: |SCARDOVA| - Archivio fotografico del castello