Emilia Romagna Castles

Rocca dei Rossi

    The Rocca rises to the west of the village. The architectural complex, which originates from the 15th century nucleus commissioned by Pier Maria Rossi, was transformed into a noble monumental residence by Troilo I, Pier Maria III and Troilo II during the 16th century.
Artists such as Bertoja, Samacchini, Procaccini, Baglione, organised in the rooms on the "piano nobile", an imposing pictorial cycle with a profane model for fables, myths and the history of the household.
The courtyard and grand staircase, the superb room of the Gesta Rossiane, the refined stucco decorations of the rooms of the Caesars and the Golden Donkey
stand out.

Rocca dei Rossi - Ingresso Rocca dei Rossi photo credits: |Comune San Secondo| - Archivio fotografico del castello