Emilia Romagna Castles

Montebello Castle

In the hinterland of Rimini, the Rocca di Montebello di Torriana elegantly dominates the Marecchia and Uso valleys, from a height of 436 metres: The fascinating journey through history, art and nature is made even more mysterious and magical due to the legendary presence of Azzurrina, that is Guendalina, the little girl with "... eyes the color of the sky and light-colored hair with blue reflections ..." who disappeared way back in 1375 and who still - according to fans of ghosts and the paranormal - reveals herself.

If the Rocca was in ancient times the scene of numerous battles, today it offers visitors the silent peace of a breathtaking and enchanting panorama.

Built in the year 1000 on the foundations of a Roman tower of the the 3rd century B.C., today it is divided into two wings, one from the Renaissance, the other one in the shape of a military fortress.

During the daytime guided tour - a historical itinerary in the Castle of Montebello suitable for all ages - you can see all the rooms of the manor and admire furniture ranging from 14th century to 19th century, manufactured as unique pieces (on display). Furthermore, the legend of Azzurrina is narrated with an explanation of the research carried out through the ages. The visit concludes with the recordings made from 1990 onwards.

The guided night tour is, on the contrary, only suitable for adults. It is not suitable for children. Above all, the aspect of the paranormal in the fortress is dealt with. It talks about the cruelest and darkest aspects of the Middle Ages.

Montebello Castle - Castello di Montebello photo credits: |Condello Daniela| - iDEM