Emilia Romagna Castles

Castello di Compiano

The history of the Castle and Compiano itself is ancient.
Today the Castle is a Hotel, so there's the opportunity to spend a romantic weekend in a charming Castle. The rooms are named after some ancient noble families, whose personal histories are closely connected with that of the stronghold. 

Everything around the Castle has a magical historical atmosphere, which you can feel with the guided tour in Gambarotta Museum and in Freemasonry Museum.

At the entrance of the Castle there's a Restaurant called "Panigaccio", here you can taste Panigacci, a traditional dish from Lunigiana.

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Compiano and its Castle are a strategical location in the beautiful Alta Val Taro: you can easily reach Parma and others cities, but also the sea in Liguria or Toscana.

Castello di Compiano - Marquise Lina Raimondi Gambarotta's Living Room photo credits: |Mariella Delnevo| - Autore Mariella Delnevo