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Duilio Pizzocchi FRESH PAINT

Malatesta Castle of Coriano

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In his show, the Bolognese comedian offers a roundup of hilarious characters.

Duilio Pizzocchi - Ferrara-born house painter with numerous appearances on the Maurizio Costanzo Show.

Ermete Bottazzi - The unlikely truck driver seen on Zelig Off and Circus.

Mrs. Novella widow Neri - Majority shareholder in Microsoft, with a passion for funerals.

Cactus - Square freak, always "taken" on the hunt for change, favors or various baggies.

Other characters invented by Pizzocchi include humorous macchiettes over the years such as DONNA ZOBEIDE, an astrologer and fortune teller who composes improbable horoscopes and illustrates some magical practices and EDDY COLLANTE, an Italian-American boss who makes no secret of his illegal activities.
Via Malatesta 32, 47853, Coriano, (RN)

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