Emilia Romagna Castles

Where it is

A small town located south of Parma, towards the hills. It is famous for the production of the fine Salame Felino PGI.

Why visit it

Felino is an agricultural and industrial center situated in the rolling hills of the Baganza River valley and along the Stada del Prosciutto e dei Vini dei Colli (Parma ham and wines from the hills road).
Places to visit are the 12th century Felino Castle, The Keep (a 14th c. fortification) and the 12th c. Archpriest’s Church.

Don't miss

The Castle is just outside the village on the hills, it hosts one of the Food Museums, the Salame Museum PGI and and it is among the fairytales accomodations of the the circuit of Castles of the Duchy.

On the table

In the restaurants and pubs of the area, besides the local specialties, you can also try Salame Felino PFI, paired with fried cake as an appetizer, in recipes invented by chefs or just the simply delicious salame and bread. 

In the surroundings

Not far from Felino it is possible the visit of the Castle of Sala Baganza in the circuit of Castles of the Duchy and the Parish church of Talignano

Castles in the territory

Monuments in the territory

image from Castello di Felino

Castello di Felino

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