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Where it is

Located just 7 km from San Mauro Mare, San Mauro Pascoli is the birthplace of the poet Giovanni Pascoli and the home of high fashion footwear.

Why visit it

The small town of San Mauro Pascoli contains history and tradition. The historic center, the heart of the town, encloses the eighteenth-century municipal building, purchased in 1874 by public auction at the Intendenza di Finanza, after being confiscated from the Papacy with the unification of Italy. Originally the Ursuline Celibate of Rimini inhabited it in the summer. The interior can be visited during the opening hours of the municipal offices. 

Opposite the Palazzo Municipale is the former church of Saint Sebastian, a tiny building located in the heart of the town. The building, dating back to the second half of the 18th century, originally served as a church-oratory for the nearby convent of the Ursulines (today part of the municipal residence). Now completely restored, it is used as an exhibition hall by the Pascoliana Academy. 

We continue with the Museum of Casa Pascoli, a national monument since 1924. Here the poet Giovanni Pascoli was born on December 31, 1855 and spent his early childhood years there. At 2 km from the historic center stands "la Torre", the poet's childhood place, and subjected to protection in 1974 as a characteristic and rare example of the 17th-18th century Romagna villa. Precisely from the eighteenth century until the mid-nineteenth century, the Torlonia princes founded one of the most beautiful agricultural estates in Romagna and still today you can see the imposing structures of that beautiful farm.

When to go and what to see

The best time to visit San Mauro Pascoli is definitely spring, when temperatures are not yet high and the days are long and sunny. 

Don't miss

Definitely a visit to Casa Pascoli and a visit to the new multimedia museum of Villa Torlonia. 

Pascoli Poetry Park ideally combines the two places of memory and poetry by Giovanni Pascoli: Villa Torlonia (the Tower) and the birthplace of the poet, now the Casa Pascoli Museum. From the small town of San Mauro, a place of remembrance that deeply inspired Pascoli's poetics, his poetry comes to embrace the whole of Romagna, representing it in all its complexity: a poem that not only excites but that can, at the same time, constitute the key to understanding the identity of an entire territory.

In addition, from june to september, on Thursdays from the San Mauro Mare tourist office the Pascoli itinerary starts, a route through the places of the poet.

On the table

The local gastronomy as well as the tasty Blue Adriatic fish is based on the rediscovery of the authentic and genuine flavors of the Rubicone Valley that offer "homemade" pasta dishes, tasty grilled meats accompanied by the inevitable piadina and a good generous wine.

Having fun

Among the leisure opportunities offered by the area, outdoor sports such as cycling or free excursions inland are noteworthy. For those who love relaxation, a quiet walk to discover the local handicrafts is the perfect activity. While in the evening there are several appointments at Villa Torlonia with evenings of culture and poetry.

Keeping fit

And to keep yourself fit, the gyms and public parks for an outdoor run or a little yoga in the middle of nature.

Significant appointments

On summer evenings the courtyard of the villa comes alive: you can take part in the farmyard parties, listen to the music of the concerts, attend the theater performances or let yourself be carried away by the suggestions of the review "The Garden of Poetry". Throughout the year, do not miss the rich events program of the new Villa Torlonia Teatro.

In the surroundings

Among of the many interesting sites those that certainly deserve a visit are the beautiful Malatesta city of Cesena (19 km), with the old Library, declared a UNESCO monument; the hinterland hills full of lovely small towns, among which Longiano (20 km) and Gambettola (12 km); the city of Ravenna (34 km), a world heritage site and Mirabilandia amusement park in Savio (20 km); Rimini and its coast (15 km).

Castles in the territory

Monuments in the territory

image from Complesso la Torre

Complesso la Torre

image from Casa Pascoli

Casa Pascoli

image from mare


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