Emilia Romagna Castles

Delizia Estense di Benvignante

There is a castle that boasts Este memories and suggestions of other eras ... It is the Delizia di Benvignante, a small jewel, commissioned by Duke Borso d'Este, which is part of the provincial project of the Circuito delle Delizie Estensi. The delizia was to be a sumptuous residence to be given to the Duke's faithful secretary, Teofilo Calcagnini, and was designed by architect Pietro Benvenuto degli Ordini. It was born as a holiday resort, where one could spend pleasant days of rest, and this is where the name Benvegnate, which sounds like a welcome or a good wish, later became Benvegnante to the present Benvignante; other opinions derive the name from the vineyards that were cultivated in the area. The surrounding land was cultivated with vines and cereals, and there was no shortage of game that the noble lords loved to hunt.  The building, as we see it today, looks different from how it must have originally been. In fact, it seems that the tower had no battlements and the side wings were lower by a whole floor.

Delizia Estense di Benvignante - Delizia di Benvignante photo credits: |Staff Museo delle valli| - Monica Paluan