Emilia Romagna Castles

Rocca Sforzesca - Bagnara

Would you like to learn about the history of Bagnara and Bassa Romagna with the great personalities that characterised it from Caterina Sforza to the Bishop of Imola Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti? Would you like to take a journey from the Bronze Age to the 12th century, from the Renaissance to the Unification of Italy? The Rocca Sforzesca, which has always been the emblem of the city, preserves memories and stories in the museum inaugurated in 2008 inside the manor house. The castle and museum serve as vital witnesses to the traditions and history of the town and surrounding area. The museum is
accessed through the large entrance portal of the Rocca to reach the inner courtyard where the route to the museum sections begins:
The Territory of Bagnara and Lower Romagna: a circular route illustrates the ways of life and the residential and productive organisation of the territory through information panels, images and archaeological materials.

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The Lords of the Fortress: an in-depth itinerary from the Renaissance to the Unification of Italy of the history of the Fortress from Caterina Sforza to the Bishop of Imola Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti, supported by multimedia insights.
Archive of memory: the last years of the history of the town of Bagnara up to the post World War II period, illustrated through a display of furniture and objects from the late 19th century to the 1960s framing archival and photographic documents narrated through multimedia films.
Other rooms in the complex are used to host cultural or educational events, while the Council Chamber space is used for permanent or temporary events, with tastings dedicated to the various initiatives.


Rocca Sforzesca - Bagnara - Rocca Sforzesca - Bagnara di Romagna photo credits: |Comune di Bagnara di Romagna| - Comune di Bagnara di Romagna


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