Emilia Romagna Castles

Malatestian Fortress

The Rocca Malatestiana in Cesena is one of the most imposing in Emilia Romagna. It is located in the heart of the city on top of the Garampo Hill, surrounded by the Parco della Rimembranza. It is possible to visit the battlements and enjoy the panorama, the view of which leads the eye as far as the sea, discover the suggestive internal walkways and the two central towers, one of which houses the Museum of Peasant Civilisation. The Rocca di Cesena, with its majestic bulk, is also a magical place to live: the beautiful inner courtyard offers spaces to enjoy the tranquillity of the fortress, savouring a piadina or a good glass of Sangiovese wine in the refreshment point present.

Malatestian Fortress - Rocca malatestiana Cesena- foto aerea photo credits: |Michele Buda| - Archivio Uff. Prom.Turistica Comune di Cesena