Emilia Romagna Castles

Reggia di Colorno

The Reggia di Colorno, former residence of the Sanseverino, Farnese, Bourbon and Maria Luigia of Austria, overlooks the Parma stream, the town square and a beautiful French garden restored in recent years.
It comprises over 400 rooms, courtyards and courtyards, including the flats of the Duke and Duchess, the Great Hall, the neoclassical San Liborio Chapel, with paintings by famous artists and the Serassi organ, used for the annual concert season. The new flat of Duke Ferdinand and the Astronomical Observatory are also worth seeing.
 At the end of 2015, some rooms of the Reggia di Colorno were refurbished with historical furniture from the offices of the Province of Parma. These include
furniture, vases, various furnishings, paintings, tapestries, for a total of 45 pieces, all documented original furnishings that were historically part of the ducal residence's equipment, but also original furnishings of the period compatible in quality and formal character with the Reggia.
The Reggia di Colorno often hosts concerts, temporary
 exhibitions and cultural events: special occasions to experience the enchanting spaces enveloped in unique atmospheres.

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Its halls and magnificent garden can host events, banquets and dinners by concession of the Province of Parma.
 The classic tour includes the Piano Nobile, the New Apartment of Duke Ferdinand of Bourbon and the Ducal Chapel of San Liborio. The Historical Garden is open from 7 a.m. to sunset with free admission.
 Want to make a dream come true? It is possible to celebrate your wedding with a civil ceremony in the Grand Salle, the great 18th-century hall, which offers a breathtaking view of the French garden.
Today, the Reggia di Colorno, in Emilia Romagna, visited by tens of thousands of tourists
 every year, is also home to ALMA Scuola di Cucina Italiana, which offers specialised training to hundreds of young chefs from all over the world.
 It is part of the circuit of the Castelli del Ducato of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli.


Reggia di Colorno - Reggia di Colorno - vista aerea photo credits: |Provincia di Parma| - Provincia di Parma