Emilia Romagna Castles

Torre dei Bolognesi - Museo di Nonantola

The tower, built in 1307 by the Bolognese after the conquest of Nonantola, stands 38.13 metres tall. When its original military function was no longer necessary, it was first used as a prison, then as a warehouse, and finally as a water tower.

Since 2007 it has housed the Museo di Nonantola, the Civic Museum. The Museum offers a historical exploration of the town and its community, in a journey back in time spread over four floors, from the contemporary era to prehistory. The ground floor houses an exhibition titled “The Jewish Children of Villa Emma in Nonantola: 1942-1943”; upstairs, visitors can journey through the history of the 1900s, the Partecipanza Agraria, the Middle Ages with the birth of the Monastery and the village, back to Roman times and Prehistory. From its panoramic viewpoint, visitors can admire the surrounding area in all directions.

Torre dei Bolognesi - Museo di Nonantola - FbIMG 6115 photo credits: |Frafuzzy| - w