Emilia Romagna Castles

Rocca di Sestola

    The Rocca di Sestola in Emilia stands on the rocky spur that dominates the village. It can be reached on foot via two routes that start from the historic centre or by the small train that operates during the summer. The Rocca is located about 10-15 minutes from the village and is the historical-artistic excellence of the area, set in a valuable environmental context. Considered an unmissable stop during a stay in Sestola, the Rocca hosts a rich and interesting museum complex that includes temporary exhibitions and permanent displays such as the Museum of Mountain Civilisation, the Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments, the Room of Memories dedicated to Sestola soprano Teresina Burchi in Reiter, the 15th-century cycle of frescoes of San Giovanni Battista, the exhibition of Frignano artists, and the Tower display consisting of rooms with illustrative panels on prehistory, archaeology and ancient history.

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Spectacular is the panorama visible from the terrace, which can be accessed to enjoy the splendid view of the town and the surrounding area. Inside the walls are the buildings of the ancient medieval village and the small church reduced to an oratory, while outside the 16th-century walls one can stop in the Parco della Covetta, a natural amphitheatre set in a naturalistic setting for relaxation and tranquillity, used as a picnic area or where one can enjoy a nice walk.The E' Scamàdul Cultural Association manages the Rocca Museums in agreement with the Municipality of Sestola, organising a series of events, activities and initiatives to discover the history, culture and traditions of the Rocca and the town.


Rocca di Sestola - Panoramica aerea Castello di Sestola photo credits: |Eugenio Soliani| - Gestore Castello