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The territory of Copparo extends in the central-eastern part of the Province of Ferrara. The town is located within the district characterized to the west by the city of Ferrara, to the north by the main course of the Po, to the east by the Po Delta Park and the coastal area, to the south by the Po di Volano.

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Situated at the center of a fertile territory, Copparo is one of the most important agricultural towns in the province of Ferrara.

Originally it grew up around a castle of the Este family, which was afterwards destroyed and on its ruins was built the present Town Hall.

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Zenzalino palace and park

In the Zenzalino estate, a 650-hectare farm near the center of Copparo, there is an important palace, set in a park of about three hectares of centuries-old trees. The Palace dates back to the 15th century, was rebuilt in the 19th century and is currently a private residence. On the estate there is a famous breeder of trotting horses where, in 1995, the famous Varenne was born.

Villa della Mensa

This is a monumental complex of great importance, where the bishops of Ferrara stayed until the period of the Napoleonic suppression (1797). The great villa was built on the orders of Bartholomew della Rovere, nephew of the Pope Sixtus IV and brother of the Pope Julius II between 1474 and 1495. The Villa has a polygonal groundplan and a cloistered court. The front of the building, facing west, continues in two walls with battlements that extend to the service courtyards at the sides of the villa.

Castles in the territory

Monuments in the territory

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Località Copparo

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