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Villa Torlonia

    Let yourself be enveloped in the veils of history and discover the extraordinary events of the ancient Giovedìa Castle, today's Villa Torlonia.
In this evocative place, the testimonies of powerful families are piled up: from the Malatesta to the Zampeschi, from the Riario-Sforza to the Onesti-Braschi, up to the influential Torlonia family that marked the destiny of this territory forever. Here the fate of the town of San Mauro is intertwined with that of Giovanni Pascoli and his family.
 Various terms have been used over time to describe this residence in an attempt to capture its essence. Yet,
even today, Villa Torlonia retains its many souls, difficult to encapsulate in a single definition. From Malatesta castle to agricultural estate of excellence, the structure currently hosts convention halls, theatre, temporary exhibitions and the Pascoliano Multimedia Museum.
Here culture, innovation and technology meet to enhance Pascoli'
s poetry through an immersive and evocative journey made possible thanks to digital scenography, video mapping, sound and word games, lulled by the reciting voices of Luca Ward, Emanuela Rossi and Lino Guanciale.
Together with the house where he was born, now the Casa Pascoli
Museum, Villa Torlonia constitutes the Pascoli Poetry Park born in March 2019 to ideally unite the places of the poet's heart.
The complex is accessible to the public on guided and individual tours and provides extraordinary openings and exceptional visits at particular times of the year. The external courtyard, surrounded by greenery, is embellished by the small church of Saints Peter and Paul and the Locanda del Poeta where accommodation and refreshments can be found.

Villa Torlonia - Villa Torlonia - Corte Interna photo credits: |Archivio Comune di San Mauro Pascoli| - Comune di San Mauro Pascoli


San Mauro Pascoli (FC)
30 Mar - 01 Jun 2024

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San Mauro Pascoli (FC)
14 Jan - 02 Jul 2024

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