Emilia Romagna Castles

Castello di San Pietro in Cerro

In the Castle of San Pietro in Cerro, a fortified residence in the heart of the Val d'Arda in Emilia, you can relive the magic of ancient times and visit the 30 richly decorated and furnished rooms. The manor in the province of Piacenza is faithful and precious testimony of a fifteenth-century noble residence. Arranged on a rectangular plan from which emerge the entrance keep and two round towers placed to defend the north side, the castle appears austere and compact on the outside, while inside an elegant square courtyard with a double order of arches with a delicate design makes it graceful and elegant. Conceived as a fortified noble residence, the Castle presents very interesting defensive architectural solutions due to the introduction of firearms. The building has wide green spaces, a large tree-lined park and a large garden.

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Worth seeing in the Castle of San Pietro in Cerro: the west wing of the basement where the permanent exhibition with over 40 statues of the Warriors of Xi'an, faithful reproductions of the originals authenticated by the Chinese government. The terracotta statues, of natural size, are lined up just as they were in III B.C. when they were placed to guard the mausoleum of the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Of considerable interest is the collection of over 2,000 volumes on the history of Piacenza in the Historical Library of the Castle, which can be seen during the visit and can be consulted by appointment.

The MiM Museum in Motion, a collection of over a thousand works by contemporary masters, both Italian and foreign, is housed in the evocative rooms of the attic and is on display in rotation.

In the park of the Castle, with a view of the stronghold, is La Locanda del Re Guerriero with elegant suites furnished with antiques and contemporary works of art from the MiM Museum in Motion.

In addition to guided tours, St. Peter's Castle offers the possibility of: events, weddings and ceremonies, business meetings and congresses, dog, car and motorbike rallies, concerts, shows and ballets, theme dinners and lunches, art exhibitions.

The Castle of San Pietro in Cerro is part of the circuit of the Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli, in Emilia, among the Castles of Emilia Romagna.

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Castello di San Pietro in Cerro - Cortile dei Cavalieri - Castello di San Pietro in Cerro (PC) photo credits: |Castello di San Pietro| - Castello di San Pietro